Established in 1997 as a family-owned corporation, Super Manning is a
crewing and shipping agency providing quality crew for various types
of vessels worldwide, and port services for vessels calling at any major
ports in the Philippines. Its head office is conveniently located in Manila,
Philippines with overseas liaison in Orlando, Florida, U.S.A.

The people who manage and run the affairs of the company are experts
in this line of trade from crewing and manning to port services, ship
supplies, ship brokering, ship chartering, ship delivery, ship parts
trading and other ship related transactions.

Super Manning is dedicated to serving cruise and maritime companies
worldwide. Whether it be full or partial crew complement - all Filipino
 or mixed crew - it offers solutions to the ship owner's crewing needs at
 very competitive rates.

As a licensed shipping agent, Super Manning offers excellent port
services and ship supplies at very reasonable costs to all ship owners or
charterers for various types of vessels calling at any major ports in the
Philippines.  It has proven knowledge and experience in dealing with
different government offices more particularly Philippine ports,
immigration and customs to facilitate the processing of the needed
documents for vessels calling at Philippine ports.

Crewing Standard Procedures

Super Manning through its Marketing Department sends a business
 proposal to prospective Principal abroad or meets the prospective
 Principal personally to discuss the terms and conditions stipulated in
 the compilation of documents inside the brochure.